Monday, March 14, 2011

Exchange technical articles on

This month I started to write technical articles about Microsoft Exchange on web site. The subject of this articles will be strictly technical and i will try to cover only interesting stuff . The first one is called “Exchange 2010 Hosting” and covers non standard configuration for hosting with Exchange 2010.

…Hosting multiple Organizations on a single Exchange Infrastructure can give significant hardware consolidation advantages. Exchange 2010 has greatly simplified the setup of such an environment, giving us two implementation options, the hard and the easy way. Today we go down the hard way...

Starting with Exchange 2000, Microsoft had the idea to implement hosting infrastructures based on MS Exchange. To provide support for such implementations MS released Hosted Solutions add-ons, starting with "The Solution for High Volume Exchange version 1.0" based on Exchange 2000.

Up till now, Microsoft released eight versions, with the release of Hosted Messaging and Collaboration HMC version 4.5 in June 2008. HMC 4.5 was working with Exchange 2007 SP1 together with Office Communication Server 2007, SharePoint Services 3.0 and Forefront Security for MS Exchange 2007.

In Exchange 2010 SP1 there is no need for an additional tool to configure a hosting environment. All you have to do is to run the setup for Exchange 2010 SP1 with the /hosting switch. It's an easy way to configure a multi-tenant infrastructure. However some features are missing, namely:
• Exchange Management Console
• Public Folders
• Unified Messaging Server Role
• Federation
• Business-to-Business features such as cross-premises message tracking and calendar sharing
• Outlook 2003 support (EnableLegacyOutlook)
• Edge Transport Server role

You can read the whole article here.