Sunday, November 29, 2009

Exchange 2010 and mobile email access

Tomorrow I will have a new mobile phone, a brand new model – Nokia E72. I am a Nokia fan and probably this will not change in the near future :-).

When i was searching for a new phone, i looked to all new phones on the market, not only to Nokia phones. For me, as an intensive email user, one of the main criteria for choosing a phone is the provided email client and its characteristics. I was looking for a phone that is working with MS Exchange 2010 and has as many email features as possible. Here is what I found out:
Windows Mobile 6.5 – as expected, Windows Mobile (6.1 and 6.5) togheter with Exchange 2010 provides the best user experience and more. Here are some of the new features: Conversation view, Free/busy lookup, Nickname cache, SMS sync, Unified Messaging card , New user interface, Reply state, Installable client, Allow, block, and quarantine control, Server search, HTML e-mail, Mobile management policies, Message flagging
Blackberry – I always thought that Blackberry is only marketing. Why should you pay for a service that you cand have for free using Microsoft ActiveSync?! There is bad or maybe a good news for Blackberry users that intend to use Exchange 2010, for this moment, there is no support for Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) with Exchange 2010. The only workaround is to install an Exchange 2007 CAS and Mailbox server and later to add Exchange 2010 servers to your organization. So you have to stick with your old Exchange 2007, or you have to invest some additional money in hardware and software.
Nokia – the latest version of Nokia Mail For Exchange (2.9.176) was released before Exchange 2010 launch and does not have some interesting features of this system. Some interesting characteristics: Subfolder access, Support for GAL lookup with Company Directory, Accept / Decline meeting requests , Can search email content using the Search application , Message reply/forward by reference, Message read status replication, Message deletion replication, Full Attachment support (receiving, sending, viewing, editing, saving), Save messages to sent items folder m, Support for many Exchange 2007 mailbox policies , Configurable via device management server, Set out of office message, Set and clear flags on email messages
Iphone – Iphone is by far the most frendly and easy to use phone on the market. Unfortunately, the lastest Iphone OS (3.0) includes only a limited number of features for accessing your Exchange 2007/2010 mailbox: creation of meeting invitations for Exchange users, sync with local address books and Exchange at the same time, access to an Exchange global address list (GAL) or per-folder downloading of Exchange messages. The bad news are: no notes and tasks sync (with Exchange), no full-text search of mail messages and push email remains slow, flaky, and battery-consuming.

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