Sunday, January 17, 2010

Free/Busy information and Out of Office settings are not available in Outlook 2007

If you try to access Free/Busy info or OOF settings from outside your company firewall and you are not allowed, most of the time it means that you have a bad configured Autodiscover service.
Former versions of Outlook (Outlook 2003 or older) were using public folders to get access to these features.
In the newer versions, like Outlook 2007 and the future release of Outlook (2010), to get access to this important features of Microsoft Exchange messaging environment you are using the Autodiscover web service. This service is used by the Web-based offline address book (OAB), the Availability service, Out of Office or Unified Messaging (UM). The Autodiscover service must be deployed and configured correctly for Outlook 2007 clients to automatically connect to all this Microsoft Exchange features.
To find out how to configure correctly the Autodiscovery service and the associated digital certificates using various scenarios you can use the following links:

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