Saturday, April 10, 2010

Exchange 2010 SP1 will be available in the near future

On April 7th, 2010, Microsoft Exchange Team has made an announcement regarding future Service Pack 1 for Exchange 2010.
For me Exchange 2010 was a major step from Exchange 2007 but it seems there is always room for more nice features. This service pack will also include all the roll-ups to the date and fixes for known issues.
The major enhancements of this service pack are:
Archiving and Discovery Enhancements
• The possibility to store Personal Archive in a different mailbox database;
• Support in Outlook 2007 for Personal Archive;
• Delegate user access for Personal Archive;
• New tools to create Retention Policy Tags;
• Direct import of data from PSTs to Exchange server;
• Multi-Mailbox Search enhancements.
Outlook Web App Enhancements
• Enhancements in the UI (increased speed for current time consuming tasks);
• UI visual improvements;
• Web-Ready Document Viewing of IRM-protected documents;
• Calendar Sharing to anonymous viewers via the web.
Mobility Enhancements
• support for send-as;
• notifying the user if their device has been placed on block or quarantine;
• full implementation of conversation view;
• Calendar Sharing to anonymous viewers via the web.
New Management UI
• Create/configure Retention Tags + Retention Policies in EMC;
• Configure Transport Rules in ECP;
• Configure Journal Rules in ECP;
• Configure MailTips in ECP;
• Provision and configure the Personal Archive in ECP;
• Configure Litigation Hold in ECP & EMC;
• Configure Allow/Block/Quarantine mobile device policies in ECP;
• RBAC role management in ECP;
• Configure Database Availability Group (DAG) IP Addresses and Alternate Witness Server in EMC;
• Recursive public folder settings management (including permissions) in EMC.

The Beta of this service pack will be released in June this year. You can read more details here:

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