Saturday, May 8, 2010

Windows seminar for Linux professionals

Last week, together with Todi Pruteanu and Florentina Taune from Microsoft Romania I participated at two seminars (Bucharest and Constanta) about Windows Server for Linux professionals. The seminars were about features of Microsoft products compared with Open Source products and how we can make them work together.
When Todi proposed me to do that I said ok without blinking. After a while, when I started to realize what I had to do I was starting to think that I am crazy. I was going in the lion pit with Linux professionals. Considering the animosity between Open Source professionals and Microsoft, I was starting to think that they will eat me alive. Another challenge was that I had to speak about a lot of Microsoft products and features, not only abut MS Exchange.
When Todi started to talk and all the participants introduced themselves I understood that none of them was using only Open Source programs and some were Microsoft fans. My first impression was that the audience not chosen right. After two full days of seminars, I realized that all of them were using products from both sides and their most challenging task is to make them work together.
There are two more seminars like this, one in Craiova and again in Bucharest. I am looking forward to speak there, not because I want to convince somebody that Microsoft is better but because I think that I have a lot learn from the participants.

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