Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Exchange Unified Messaging notifications are not received by the users

These days we reconfigured our OCS 2007 R2 installation to make a demo for a possible customer. All worked well until we tried to connect the OCS with the Exchange 2007 UM.

We could place calls to the voice mailing system but no voice mail was received in the recipient’s mailbox.
The notifications for missed calls were not working either.
Searching through the Application log on our Exchange 2010 server, I found the following event log.

Log Name: Application
Source: MSExchange Unified Messaging
Date: 10/26/2010 3:45:53 PM
Event ID: 1423
Task Category: UMCore
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A

The Unified Messaging server encountered an error while trying to process the message with header file "C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\UnifiedMessaging\voicemail\048696bb-3475-41d8-b497-b839c9e1daa8.txt". Error details: "Microsoft.Exchange.UM.UMCore.SmtpSubmissionException: Submission to the Hub Transport server failed. The operation will be retried. ---> Microsoft.Exchange.Net.ExSmtpClient.UnexpectedSmtpServerResponseException: Unexpected SMTP server response. Expected: 220, actual: 500, whole response: 500 5.3.3 Unrecognized command

Googling was not very successful so I started to check our settings on the Exchange server. One of them seemed to be wrong. The Exchange Server authentication was disabled on the Default Receive Connector from our Exchange 2010 Hub Transport server.

On some previous tests, we disabled the setting. As soon as I enabled the setting, we started to receive all the notifications from the UM server.


  1. This helped me.

    Thank you for this post.

  2. Sweet - worked for me too - thanks!

  3. Thanks a lot!!! :)

    Herbert Knavs

  4. thanks for the Post.... saved me a couple hours of troubleshooting.

  5. Thanks for the post, I have the same issue with the same error and tried your solution, didnt work for me I still get the same error after verifying the settings are the same

  6. Worked here, kudos!!!

  7. I can't call Voice mail if I logged in from a remote location, We have Everything working fine inside the company but once I log in to lync from a remote location I can't dial voice mail.. however I can dial it by calling the subscriber access number using my mobile or PSTN line. What do you think would be the issue?

  8. Worked for me. Thanks alot for the post, only one out there by the looks of it.

  9. I'm also having the exact same error (Event ID 1433). But Exchange Server Authentication is already enabled on Default connector.

    We have two node DAG and UM is only installed on first node. Both Exchange servers are 2010 SP2.

    Any idea how can I troubleshoot further? In voicemail folder I only see few txt files, no audio file.

  10. Thanks worked for me- Prasad

  11. I tried it,it dod not work any suggestion