Thursday, April 14, 2011

Exchange 2010 Hosting Part 2 - The Easy Way

This is the second part of the "Exchange 2010 Hosting" article. It was published today (April 14th, 2011) on the web site.

In the previous article, Exchange 2010 Hosting Part 1, we discussed the implementation of an Exchange 2010 hosting infrastructure when you need to have all the interesting features included in the product. The installation and configuration method that I presented is somehow difficult and is not supported by Microsoft. If you were to have a problem with that configuration, you would have to find support from within the Exchange technical community and that is not all the time very handy.

If you want to create a hosting infrastructure and don't need features like:
• Exchange Management Console
• Public Folders
• Unified Messaging Server role
• Federation
• Business-to-Business features such as cross-premises message tracking and calendar sharing
• Outlook 2003 support (EnableLegacyOutlook)
• Edge Transport Server role
...then, I strongly recommend you to follow this second article.

Even this article starts from the installation of a new Exchange organization. I will focus mainly on the details regarding the hosting configuration and will only briefly remind you the things that need to be done for any kind of Exchange 2010 installations.
Also this article does not cover advanced configuration for a hosting infrastructure, like coexistence with on-premises email infrastructure.

You can read the whole article here.

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